Massage Chair and HydroMassage

Massage Chair and HydroMassage

After having a long productive day at your workplace, fatigue is likely to kick in. There are various ways of doing away with such fatigue. This is why most folks visit the fitness centers and massage parlors in huge numbers every day.

People visit the parlors for the best natural holistic methods are massage therapy. Massage therapy dates back to millions of years ago. Like any other part of human life, there have been several changes in the administration of massage therapy.

Massage chairs and hydromassage equipment are available in the massage parlor. It may be tough to make a decision on which one to use on your visit to your nearest massage parlor.

Our article is geared towards breaking down the information to help you out when you experience a dilemma of massage chair vs hydromassage therapy.

The difference in the mode of operations

A hydromassage therapy involves the use of a water massage bed or chair to offer a quick soothing pressurized treatment. The hydromassage gives an in-depth and deep tissue massage while at the same time keeping your comfort paramount. All the hydromassage equipment are modernized

A robotic massage chair uses a set of silent massage hands, motors, and gears using 3D technology to give you a full body massage. The hands move up and down while stretching in all directions to cover every inch of your body. The robotic chairs are bulky. This is why they are majorly used in the fixed stations at private residences or in massage parlors.

Traditional massage chairs are becoming extinct, but some people prefer the traditional methods.

Massage Chair vs Hydromassage bed on Comfort

The hydromassage bed gives you the space to lie down and rest your body in the position that you prefer. The cushioning of the bed is very much cozy and comfortable. The beds are also adjustable to suit your preferences.

Massage chairs are built in a way that you can adjust the chair to your most comfortable position. The seat can be reclined to purpose as a bed. The lining and cushioning of the chair ensure your comfort.

Massage Chair vs Hydromassage on Privacy

Traditionally, at the massage parlors, privacy was limited. Speaking of limited privacy, the massage therapists discussed with you the areas in your body that require a special massage. You get some privacy to strip your garments and lie down on the massage table. The massage therapist then administered the massage while you lay naked on the table.

The massage chairs and the hydromassage equipment are designed to cater to the people who do not prefer getting touched by a stranger. When you are using one of these modernized massage therapies, you can sit on the chair with your clothes on. The results of the massage are not affected by the clothes that you have on. Light clothing is best.

You are at a position to carry out the massage therapy on your own once you get some basic information from the specialists.

Massage Chair vs Hydromassage on Time Taken

The massage chair and the hydromassage equipment are ideal for keeping chronic pain away. What you need to consider is the amount of time that you need to sit or lie down on the chair. Sitting on the chair for longer than recommended may cause more harm than good to your joints and muscles.

For the best results from a massage chair, a maximum time of 15-20 minutes gives you the best relaxation to your aching muscles and joints.

A hydromassage session lasts for approximately 10-15 minutes. A ten-minute hydromassage is enough to give your aching muscles and joints the best relaxing effectively.

Both methods have proven to be more time economic when compared to the traditional massage which involved physical massage from massage parlor attendants.

Massage Chair vs Hydromassage therapy on Technological Advancements

The hydromassage and massage chair therapy methods are modern methods. These methods have embraced the technological advancements to cater to the needs of the users.

The hydromassage chairs and beds are fitted with large screens. The screens are used to navigate the massage process while you monitor the progress of your massage. The screen’s monitor also gives you the platform to watch your favorite content as you receive the massage. You are also able to listen to some music if you prefer.

The massage chairs also do not come short in technological advancements. The chairs are fitted with a customized remote control which you use to control the process of your body massage. Most of the chairs are not fitted with a monitor as large as the hydromassage equipment. A small screen on the remote controller gives you a glimpse of the progress.

The Massage Chair vs Hydromassage on Price Difference

Both devices are relatively expensive compared to the traditional massage chairs and beds. A wide range of equipment for each gives you a platform to choose from.

The hydromassage beds are relatively expensive as compared to the massage chairs. The difference in price could be because of the complexity of their building. If you prefer quality, it is best that you look for the best holistic treatment irrespective of the price.

Which is best between Massage Chair and Hydrotherapy Massage Equipment?

Most users choose the preferred medium for massage therapy. You may choose one of the two depending on your preferences, budget and also need for comfort.

There is nothing wrong in using both mediums to ease your body of fatigue, stress and muscle aches. Using both will require that you alternate the two on each of your visits to the massage parlor.

There is a lot to be discussed concerning the massage chair vs hydromassage massage therapy as methods. Your health should always be paramount. You should, therefore, seek out more information about the available products of the two. Other important factors to consider are the positive or negative effects that the equipment may have on your body.


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